• Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2005

    In the developing process of applications that are not as small as the typical "Hello, World!" examples, there are a variety of factors than can lead to important time savings.

    There's a lot of documentation out there on how to design and specify application before the coding process starts, but there is a crucial factor on success that is not usually spoken of: the way you manage, create and edit your source files.

    And of course there are some beautiful software pieces to help developers in that process. They're called IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).

    The problem with most of those IDEs is that they offer so many options that you usually have to read a user's manual to really take the best from them. Ok, this is something normal, you might say. Maybe you're right, but be honest, how many software user guides have you read in your life? And I'm not talking about the usual RTFM for a linux man page which can be 4 pages long at most. I'm talking about a user's manual of 500 pages. I haven't.

    And that's the reason today I'll be talking about a nice feature I found on one of the most powerful IDEs out there (regardless of being from Microsoft): Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets.

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  • Think in Geek!

    What is Think in Geek, you may ask. Well, the obvious answer is simple: a geek blog. We could have named it Yet Another Geek Blog, but we couldn't find a nice domain for that name (yagb.com sucks hard). And why another geek blog, you may ask too? The answer is another question: why not? Or, if you prefer it: If others have their geek blog, we want one, too!

    Talking seriously (although what has been said until now it's true, too), this is a space were we want to simply share our thoughts and knowledge about the geek world in general and the IT world in particular. We simply love those topics, and after having visited thousands of other web places where we have found some interesting tips or solutions to common problems, we though the best way to thank that was precisely to give back what we got to the community.

    So feel free to enjoy our thoughts, to find answers to problems we've already solved before, or simply to know what other people (we and people who want to contribute with comments) thinks about particular things about the geek world.