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Fix Java GUI applications in xmonad

If you ever try to run a GUI Java application when using xmonad as the Window Manager, you’ll probably end up with a nice flat grey window where your buttons, toolbars and other desktop GUI goodies should be. I ran into that problem the other day when trying to evaluate the RubyMine Ruby on Rails […]

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Simple guide to configure xmonad, dzen2 and conky

I’ll guide you through the different steps I took to install a working desktop environment in Debian using xmonad, conky and dzen2. The final result of this configuration should look like this:

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Installing xmonad in ArchLinux

For some reason, the ArchLinux wiki is kind of outdated explaining how to install xmonad in Arch. Also, the new packages seem to have a bug and the xmonad installation won’t work out of the box. Here you have detailed steps on how to install and run xmonad on ArchLinux. First of all, you need […]