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Create your own JSONP Proxy using Ruby on Rails

Today I was working on a web site that needs to retrieve some RSS feed over the internet. Since the web page has no server (HTML + javascript only) I couldn’t access the feed from the server side. Also, because of the Cross Domain limitation of Ajax requests, I couldn’t access the RSS in the […]

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Using IronPython to extend your .NET applications

One of the interesting new things on the .NET platform is the recent addition of Python and Ruby to the CLR. Both versions for .NET are called IronPython and IronRuby respectively, and they provide some new and good things to the platform. Python and Ruby lovers will see now that they can use all the […]

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Killing all rails logs with one Ctrl+C?

Well, this is my first post after holidays and it won’t be very long. Imagine you are developing a rails application. Usually you have: a terminal with the server to see what petitions are received. a terminal with a tail of development.log to see what happens with the database. a terminal with a tail of […]

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Ruby Quiz

Maybe one of the best ways to learn a new programming language is playing with it. Nowadays if you don’t code in Ruby you aren’t cool. I have to recognize that programming in Ruby is funnier than in other language and for the moment I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Well, I […]


Customizing IRB

While developing a Ruby application or while learning ruby, one of the things you must use is IRB (interactive ruby). As in its man page is said “irb is a tool to execute interactively ruby expressions read from stdin.”. In this tool you can type and execute directly ruby code. It’s very useful but like […]

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