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Check_MK, software updates and mount options alarms

We have been using nagios (more specifically Check_MK) recently at work to get some monitoring information on our CentOS instances. Recently we decided to reprovision all of our EC2 instances to apply several security upgrades. Among the packages upgraded, there was the kernel (which I guess was the cause of our subsequent problems). After updating […]

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Simple guide to configure xmonad, dzen2 and conky

I’ll guide you through the different steps I took to install a working desktop environment in Debian using xmonad, conky and dzen2. The final result of this configuration should look like this:

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Installing dropbox and dropbox-nautilus in ArchLinux

If you’ve tried to install dropbox-nautilus from the source found in the Dropbox website, you’ll find that you can’t successfully complete the ./configure step of the package due to an error of the script not finding pygtk. This is an issue with Archlinux because of the way python binaries are handled in this distribution. However, […]

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Ubuntu 7.04, Mac OS X and Parallels howto

The virtualization world is not only for Windows and its name is not only VMWare. Specially since the migration of Apple’s Macs to the Intel x86 platform, that kind of software has seen in the Cupertino computers a new and fresh market to exploit. And one of the software pieces who has built one of […]

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Create your own local domain with DHCP and BIND

If you begin to have a lot of computers at home, or even you manage a little LAN on an office, it may come in handy to have a little domain configured. Having a domain configured has some advantages, including easy machine naming and name resolution of those machines. We’ll explain here how to setup […]

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