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TinyMCE checkbox toggler for jQuery

Here’s a small jQuery code snippet that you can use to have an easy to use checkbox toggler to enable or disable a TinyMCE editor with ease (tested on TinyMCE version 4 and jQuery version 2.1.1). It’s really easy to use. You just need to create a checkbox element with the class tiny_mce_toggler and a […]

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Limiting the suggestions on jQueryUI Autocomplete widget

If you ever used autocomplete.ui plugin from jQuery UI and have an array with lots of suggestions you’ll see that the solutions provided by the plugin are not always satisfactory. You can add a scrollbar to the suggestions box by using a CSS hack, but even with that, you’ll have to render a big HTML […]

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jQuery Bars plugin

I was developing an application recently that needed some king of horizontal bars to be drawn on a web page. I found the jQuery Progressbar plugin and found it it was something similar to what I wanted to achieve, so I took some spare time and modified it to convert it in a plugin I […]

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Execute javascript code every time a form is loaded via Ajax.BeginForm

If you’ve ever used the Ajax.BeginForm code to render a form in ASP MVC using Ajax (via jQuery, for example), you may have wondered there’s an object you can pass to the call called AjaxOptions. This object allows you to pass the BeginForm call some interesting options to further enhance the form when it’s rendered. […]

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Creating and consuming JSON data in MVC 2

Recently I started working in a project using MVC 2. I found out a very useful feature to retrieve JSON data from the server using an Action in a Controller. This feature is in the base Controller class, which we inherit when we create a new controller. If you take a look into the different […]

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Disabling UpdatePanels when an asynchronous postback in progress

If you’ve ever worked with relatively large UpdatePanels maybe you’ll have had a problem: blocking the user some elements while the asynchronous postback is running. When working with local or LAN environments, the async responses might be fast, but over the internet, or on large calculations the async postback may take a while. During this […]

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