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Execute javascript code every time a form is loaded via Ajax.BeginForm

If you’ve ever used the Ajax.BeginForm code to render a form in ASP MVC using Ajax (via jQuery, for example), you may have wondered there’s an object you can pass to the call called AjaxOptions. This object allows you to pass the BeginForm call some interesting options to further enhance the form when it’s rendered. […]

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Disabling UpdatePanels when an asynchronous postback in progress

If you’ve ever worked with relatively large UpdatePanels maybe you’ll have had a problem: blocking the user some elements while the asynchronous postback is running. When working with local or LAN environments, the async responses might be fast, but over the internet, or on large calculations the async postback may take a while. During this […]

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Developing Javascript involved web applications with Firebug

If you’ve been assigned to a new web application project lately, you’ll probably have had to deal with this [not] new AJAX technology. To be honest, AJAX is good, and websites like Google Mail and Flickr are good examples of that. But remember something: it’s always bad to abuse of something. It’s always bad to […]

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