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November, 2015

Toying with GCC JIT – Part 3

In the last two parts of this series we’ve seen how to use GCC JIT and how to apply it to a simple regular expression matcher. But an open question remains, has it been worth the effort? This part will try to figure it out.

Toying with GCC JIT – Part 2

One of the quintessential UNIX tools is the grep tool. The global regular expression print is a tool that prints lines of text file that match a given regular expression. In this post we will apply JIT compilation to a very simple regular expression matcher by Rob Pike.

Toying with GCC JIT – Part 1

A just-in-time (JIT) compiler is a compiler that in contrast to the usual compilers is not run ahead-of-time, i.e. before running the actual program, but during the program itself.