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July, 2012

Crazy stuff in C++ (1)

Introduction C++ is a controversial language: you love it or you hate it. As always, knowing better about something allows one to make better arguments for or against that thing. This is what this series is about. Here I’ll explain some of the less known (except for C++ expert programmers, of course) features of C++. […]

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Sending emails using Google Mail with Ruby

It’s no secret that Google Mail has become, over the last years, the most widely used email server and client on the world. Not only it’s basically free, but with the use of Google Apps you can even use it on your own domains. Because so many people use it, even system administrators, it may […]

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Ruby on Rails, Varnish and user dependent content

Ruby on Rails performance is a topic that has been widely discussed. Whichever the conclusion you want to make about all the resources out there, the chances you’ll be having to use a cache server in front of your application servers are pretty high. Varnish is a nice option when having to deal with this […]

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