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July, 2007

The Double Check Design Pattern

One of the deficiencies of actual programming languages, specially those ones still widely used that are old, such as C or C++, is that they were designed having in mind the sequential programming paradigm. This usually means that those languages don’t have standard ways to work with multithreading features, and you usually have to rely […]

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Ruby Quiz

Maybe one of the best ways to learn a new programming language is playing with it. Nowadays if you don’t code in Ruby you aren’t cool. I have to recognize that programming in Ruby is funnier than in other language and for the moment I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Well, I […]


The madness of captchas

Nowadays computers still can’t pass the Turing Test (but some researches show that they will pass it at 2029) , well, there are still some humans that can’t. But they have achieved to pass some captcha images. BitDefender and SoftScan articles show that in the last days some spam bots have registered email accounts at […]

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Managing the music between iTunes and the iPod

Suppose you have an iPod. Now suppose your music library size is by far bigger than your iPod memory. This is not an unusual situation, specially if your iPod is a Shuffle, Mini or Nano version, since the ones able to play videos usually have much more memory. Now suppose you’re a busy person or […]


Sofa Control, or how to operate your Mac from the sofa

When I decided to buy my first Apple Computer, a MacBook, some months ago, I was planning on using it as a Media Center, connecting it to my HD Ready TV. And one of the features that I expected to use the most with it was the FrontRow. However, I was a little disappointed on […]